Barista Grey
Barista Grey
Barista Grey
Barista Grey
Barista Grey

Barista Grey

$65.00 USD


This one’s for the doers and makers who have come home after a long day with tender shoulders and a sore neck. The first apron to be built with our cross-back strapping, the barista distributes the weight of the apron evenly so that there is less stress on the neck. Plus, this design makes for a snug fit, so there won't be extra fabric to get in the way of your work.

Genuine, hand-stitched leather strapping reflects the craftsmanship in your work and adds a sleek touch against our locally made canvas fabric.

Features Include:

  • Original 14oz canvas
  • Hand-stitched, genuine leather straps
  • One pen pocket
  • 20x25cm lower pocket
  • Cross-back strapping system
  • Chest 24 cm x 90 cm length


  • Choose from 4 colors of body fabric
  • Any additional requests can be made upon ordering