Phat III Black Denim
Phat III Black Denim
Phat III Black Denim
Phat III Black Denim

Phat III Black Denim

$67.14 USD

Phat III Denim

Unlike Barista series, our Phat aprons are designed in cross-back system that shifted straps weight on your neck to shoulders. With our unique square leather patch, the long leather straps are able to keep hold of the straps from falling of your shoulders! 

Our design is always focus on 3 things. Simplicity, Function, and Durable.

With this version, our goal is to simplify this apron and add more craftsmanship in it. All the pockets top and bottom are now hidden inside which make the apron look simpler without the stitches around the pocket.


This apron is made out of high-quality Stretch Japanese Blue Denim and European cowhide. The stretch denim makes the apron more comfortable and easy to move around while you wearing it.


All our leather straps are removable. Making the apron easy to wash. So no problem if you working in the cafe or restaurant. You can wash them anytime.

Fabric: Japanese Stretch Blue Denim 
Leather: Brown European cowhide
Sizing: Apron Chest width 23 cm / Height 86 cm / Width 79 cm
Leather Neck straps: 134cm

Net weight: 335g