Tetra Drip 01S
Tetra Drip 01S
Tetra Drip 01S
Tetra Drip 01S

Tetra Drip 01S

$47.14 USD

Collapsible coffee dripper (Small), stores flat, minimalist design

  • Lightweight, easy to assemble, combines stability and portability
  • Brews up to 1.5 cups of coffee, compatible with cone filters
  • Material: Stainless steel


folded size _ 106 x 69 x 0.9mm
capacity _ 1.5cup
weight _ 25g
material _ stainless steel
paper filter _ standard conical type


“I wish I could pour over my favorite coffee and drink it even in travel destinations or outdoor fields". Have you ever thought so? Mostly coffee dripper which you use every morning is too bulky to carry it. So there are many outdoor coffee drippers that can be folded, but some of which lack stability, or some of which is heavy or thick even in folding condition. Therefore, we narrowed down three functions demanded for mobile coffee dripper to "portability", "stability" and "serve it deliciously", We established a concept to balance these in a high level, and Tetra Drip was developed.