X Cedar
X Cedar
X Cedar
X Cedar
X Cedar

X Cedar

$75.71 USD


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You work hard, your apron should keep up. Meet the X, our most protective apron, and a match to even your most rugged activities.

Although constructed with hardy, natural linen fabric, your mobility won't be compromised when wearing the X. With our crossed shoulder strap system, not only will you be able to adjust the central fit of the apron to your body, but slipping straps and neck pain are nearly unthought of.

This apron is the first to our use newly design solid brass fixtures, meant to withstand years of wear while also championing a sleek look. The two discrete pockets, meant to subtly hide the shape of the objects inside,  also help maintain a streamlined appearance.

Features Include:

  • Italian Linen  
  • Hand-cut detachable genuine leather strapping
  • Solid brass fixtures
  • A leather loop for a hand towel
  • 12x15cm discrete lower pocket
  • 20x25cm discrete upper pocket