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“Yellow Stuff” speaks for Art, Cafe Culture and Living Life. Founded in 2017, we first began with the launch of barista aprons crafted in a small family owned leather factory of more than 20 years.

Our aim is create art pieces which voices of distinct character of baristas; a show of respect towards this fine profession.

With our veteran leather craft artisans and passionately accumulated expertise within the cafe work field, “Yellow stuff” stands by to provide excellent aprons to answer the life of baristas and other exceeding professions.


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Featured Products

Half $28.57 USD
Chef Slate $64.28 USD
Chef Shale $64.28 USD
Phat III Black Denim $67.14 USD
Phat III Blue Denim $67.14 USD
Chef White $64.28 USD
Chef Navy


Chef Navy $64.28 USD
Chef Black $64.28 USD
Artisan II Wood $42.85 USD
Artisan II Forest


Artisan II Forest $42.85 USD
Artisan II Smoke $42.85 USD
Phat III Black $64.28 USD
Phat III Navy $64.28 USD
Phat III Grey $64.28 USD
ACME Demitasse 70ml + Saucer $11.14 USD
ACME Flat White 150 ml + Saucer $14 USD
ACME Tulip 170 ml + Saucer $14 USD
ACME Cappuccino 190 ml + Saucer $14 USD
ACME Latte 280 ml + Saucer $15.71 USD
ACME Union Mug (230 ml) $10 USD
Phat III Khaki $64.28 USD
Coffee Drip CAVE&POND SET $47.14 USD