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Yellow Stuff was born out of a passion-driven pursuit to outfit the makers of the world in something that promotes their creativity to its full potential, whether in the kitchen, behind the easel, or at the bar. Although founded in 2013, our team’s history in the leather craft and textiles began over 30 years ago with the family business of Yellow Stuff’s founder, Ake Luengthaviboon. After a career steeped in the world of cafes and coffee roasting, Ake realized the options for aprons that can handle the hustle of bustle of a barista without compensating style was nearly nonexistent. After numerous conversations with other hardworking makers, he realized there was a hole in the world of aprons that desperately needed to be filled. In the same humble Bangkok factory where the family factory Ake grew up with, with the same small group of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen behind the work table, Yellow Stuff was born.

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