John Ryan Ting, Singaporean Barista Champion 2008, 2009, and 2015 competing in World Barista Championship 2015 in Seattle, USA. 
"A friend gave me my first Yellowstuff apron and I wore it in the SNBC 2015 this year. It was a very well-designed piece that has since travelled with me all over the world. I like how Yellowstuff aprons are so customisable and thoughtful in their design but even more impressive is how the team at Yellowstuff Bkk is so supportive of baristas competing in various competitions. There was once Yellowstuff even rushed an apron delivery for me so that one of my boys could compete wearing a Yellowstuff apron."


Jason Loo, First Ever Malaysian Barista Champion performing in World Barista Championship 2015 in Seattle, USA.
"I first discover Yellow Stuff two years back while searching for a suitable apron for barista. I have been actively joining in competition and the Barista Denim Apron is my favourite. The apron fits nicely with good cutting, pairing it with leather strap makes the apron aesthetically really awesome. It is also very practical with a hook for barista cloth, small compartment for phone and pen. Everything is develop with practicability and durability with great design! "


Johnny Liu, Executive Chef of Roast coffee and Eatery Bangkok, Thailand.

"Simple, elegant and thoughtful"
"These are the words to describe what yellow stuff is to me. Everything is designed and made for a specific reason, from barista aprons and their new kitchen series, the designs look unique and the quality to last. The function really captures what a professional or a home use cook needs. It is hard to find someone so passionate and dedicated at creating such products for the industry. I look forward for more inspiring products from you guy.
Well done!"


 Andrea Tan, Singaporean Brewer's cup Champion 2015 performing in World Brewer's cup 2015 in Sweden.

"I am the proud owner of the limited Chambray Phat Apron and I've worn it for every competition and event that I can remember. I love this apron because of the huge front pocket that allows me to place many items into a single compartment for easy retrieval. The straps are super comfortable and made of good quality leather and the fabric of my apron is really lightweight. My Yellowstuff apron is a projection of me; a simple, chic design that is functional yet comfortable at the same time. I am a huge fan of the work by Yellowstuff Bkk because they take so much pride in their craft, something I admire and can strongly relate to."