The end is just a new beginning.

Hi there, My name is Ake. I am a co founder of Yellow Stuff. This is our first blog. We are very excited to share our daily life experience, inspirations and updates through this blog! 

As some of you may know that we just shut down our first official Yellow Stuff Store at the end of November 2015. We are relocating to Sukhumvit Soi 70  which is our manufacturer where we produce our all of our aprons. 

My Grandpa bought this place back in early 80s to build leather goods manufacturer and an office/showroom. Aside leather goods business, we also used to distribute famous glassware from France and USA such as Luminarc, Cristal d'Arques and Pyrex. 

We are excited to move in here especially it is an old house from the 80s. Most of the house in Bangkok in 80s were made with wood such as floor, windows, doors and ceiling. We often fall in love with old places or the things which built in the early days. The craftsmanship and efforts that put into this place is charming and somehow it has life. We are renovating this place ourself. We just pulled down our ceiling down today. Now we have high local Thai wooden ceiling which we absolutely love it!

Our showroom will be open in January 2016.  We will keep you posted in this blog or our social media (IG&FB: yellowstuffbkk)