Roots Coffee : Chang Pao / Filter coffee (250 g)

Roots Coffee : Chang Pao / Filter coffee (250 g)

$18.33 USD

Tasting Notes : Jammy, Hibiscus tea, Cranberry-like acidity
Region : Le Tor Glo Village, Tak
Process : Natural
Elevation : 1,100 - 1,250 m
Varietal : Chiang Mai 80, Typica

DOSE : 18g
WATER : 270ml
TEMP : 93°c
TIME : 4:00m

DOSE : 15g
WATER : 225 ml
TEMP : 93°c
TIME : 2:30m

DOSE : 20g
WATER : 300ml
TEMP : 92°c
TIME : 2:30m

The processor
Chang Pao is a hydraulic engineer from Chiang Mai. His passion for forest conservation led him to Le Tor Glo Village in Tak, where he ran a reforestation project and started processing coffee. He is one of many farmers in this region who devote themselves to taking care of the coffee farms. On his farm, they like to take the precautionary measure of covering the top layer of the soil with leaves to prevent evaporation. As a result, the coffee trees get a much richer nutrient intake and give the beans their fruity flavors.

The process
Through the natural process, the coffee cherries are picked and dried on raised beds until the moisture content reaches about 20%. The coffee is then left to rest for a couple of days for further fermentation, which is when the coffee increases in a ripe fruit flavor. The coffee is then dried again until the moisture content is at about 12%. This natural process creates a clean cup of coffee with a note of hibiscus tea.